Diverse declarations

by Parul, in: Indian Express, May 24 2005


Stephan Weitzel through his work questions the social and cultural characteristics in which he lives. His work is a manifestation of his understanding of various cultural contexts. Born in Germany, settled in Paris, Stephan studied drama and linguistics, worked in the fields of translation, teaching and journalism and has worked in Germany, France, England, Ireland, Cuba and India. And all the experiences of this multifaceted man reflect in his exhibition. Hunting on Foreign Ground, on at the Alliance Française in Sector 36. The title refers to a drawing on paper, depicting heads of various gods and goddesses from the pantheon of Shiva, and was originally titled Le Panthéon Shivaïte and is a striking piece of work, both in terms of visuals and colours. In this exhibition, Weitzel showcases a selection of pieces created within various cultural contexts and linked to the work produced during his sojourn in India last year. A multiplicity of images in drawings is what you can view. White background and striking colour combinations are one of the highlights of Stephan’s drawings. For instance, 25 par seconde consists of 25 units, images of men and women, with one blank unit in the middle. Mère et enfant (mother and child) indicates a kind of anti-mother, three images, a concrete triumph of the symbolic.

The result of the artist’s work in different countries is Pinga, a series of drawings for the Cuban alphabet of swear words, a sequence of drawings based on the Celtic crosses in Ireland, melting into the overall shape of the drawing, most noticeable – the Swastika. An interesting installation is res publica, a wall newspaper, the texts of which try to define what is today the public thing, in France. Also part of the exhibition, video installations, sculptures. Absolutely eye-catching – Draghood, an installation in which a little pink closet opens up a child’s play, learning, reading, writing. Inside the closet – shoes, dolls, perfume bottles, pieces of mirrors, jars... Food for thought and a visual delight, that’s Hunting on Foreign Ground.

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