On foreign ground

by Madhur Tankha, in: The Hindu, March 29 2005


A two-week-long solo exhibition titled “Hunting on Foreign Ground“ by artist Stephan Weitzel will open at Galerie Romain Rolland in Alliance Francaise de Delhi in the Capital on April 1.

An artist with a multidisciplinary practice, Weitzel through his sculptures, installations, writings and video wants to convey a message to discerning art lovers. With this exhibition the artist hopes to have a meaningful discussion with Indian art connoisseurs on European contemporary art practice. 

The exhibition will display a wide range of his creations from sculptures to his texts in French, English and German besides a double video installation. A wall piece titled “Aujourd’hui, j'ai fait un rêve“ (Today, I had a dream) has been specifically conceived for the light box at Gallery Romain Roland. 

The special attraction of Weitzel’s forthcoming exhibition is that most of his works have been made during his stay in the country. “To me a work of art is a proposition for an encounter, says Weitzel.

The French Ambassador in New Delhi, Dominique Girard, will inaugurate the exhibition. 

Through this exhibition Weitzel wants to test the frontiers of intercultural exchange and understanding. “Intercultural understanding is a difficult task, 

and even more so in a world developing within materialistic values“, he says.

Born in Germany in 1970, Weitzel settled down in Paris in 1989, studying drama and linguistics and working in fields such as translation , teaching and journalism. After studying art in England, he returned to Paris to set up his own studio. Besides India, he has worked in Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland and Cuba.

Weitzel’s texts often reflect upon contemporary art practice and the artist’s place in society. He has also worked in cinema as an art director, for Radio France/France Culture as a producer and for theatre as a stage designer.

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